Today’s Top Lifehacker Stories

Today’s Top Lifehacker Stories
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Joining us late? No worries! Here are all of today’s big Lifehacker stories that you might have missed.

  • It’s the weekend, so here’s what you should be binging on Netflix when you knock off work [Lifehacker]
  • A lot of eBay deals today – most with 20% off. You can grab dysons, TVs, phones all at bargain prices! [Lifehacker]
  • Lifehacker staff have put their bodies on the line for your entertainment. Here’s the worst things we’ve ever eaten. [Lifehacker]
  • Bitcoin is so last year – here are the five alternative cryptos to keep an eye on this year [Lifehacker]
  • Seen our rapid reviews yet? We’ll help you decide if something is worth your time, without taking too much of it up! This one is the Galaxy A5 and A7 [Lifehacker]
  • Twitter is turning its logo upside down, but why? [Lifehacker]
  • Anything in your Netflix history you’re worried about other people knowing about? Here’s how you delete your Netflix history. [Lifehacker]
  • Spider season? How to get the critters out of your house. [Lifehacker]

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