Yesterday's Best Lifehacker Stories

Missed everything on the site yesterday? No worries! Here are all of the big Lifehacker stories from the past 24 hours.

  • It's Hump Day Deals time! Here are the best bargains from the past week. [Lifehacker]
  • Are you one of those people that fails to obey elevator etiquette? Lifehacker is here to help. [Lifehacker]
  • Here are ten stubborn sex myths, debunked by science. [Lifehacker]
  • McDonald's McNuggets come in one of four distinct shapes. The more you know. [Lifehacker]
  • Are you tired of watching dumb TV shows that pander to the lowest common denominator? Try these ten ultra-brainy series instead. [Lifehacker]
  • Here's how to replace the "non-removable" battery in your MacBook Air. [Lifehacker]
  • Most people know that steak marbling makes the meat taste better - but do you know why? Here's a nifty little explainer. [Lifehacker]
  • White-tailed spiders have a reputation for causing horrific bites that sometimes require amputation. But how dangerous are they really? [Lifehacker]
  • Here are 15 personal finance skills that they don't teach you at school. [Lifehacker]
  • The best way to tackle a new project is to just get started. Enter the 10-Minute Hack. [Lifehacker]


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