The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Cases For Protection

The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Cases For Protection
Image: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ release today in Australia and they look pretty spectacular. You wouldn’t want to get a little scratch on them would you? What about a tiny little dent in a corner?

Grubby fingers all over that AMOLED screen? No, no, no. You need to protect that thing. Here’s some of the best cases for Samsung’s latest.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Image: Spigen

Pros: Good in the pocket, slim design, tactile buttons on the side are some of the best.

Cons: Rounded lips take away sleek design of the S9, harder to get in Australia.

Price: $23.99

[Grab it here!]

Cygnett Skin

Image: Cygnett

Pros: Good value, incredibly thin and flexible covering, lightweight, complements the clean bezel-less design of the S9.

Cons: It’s super thin so protects the edges well but screen is prone to damage still. Won’t save you from a big drop.

Price: $29.95 (sign up at Cygnett to get 10% off your first order, too)

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3SIXT Neo Case

Image: 3SIXT

Pros: A two-in-one case with a harder inner shell and leather outer case with wallet, has card storage, looks professional.

Cons: Bulky, requires extra accessories for mounting in car, not ideal switching between inner and outer.

Price: $39.95

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Incipio Octane

Image: Incipio

Pros: Rigid shell, feels durable, can take a bump, good size, well priced.

Cons: Not big on the in-hand feel or buttons myself, edges more prone to damage. The pink is not very good at all.

Price: $34.95

[Grab it here!]

Tech21 PureClear

Image: Tech21

Pros: Simple, dual layer case, 3m drop protection, resists UV damage, thin, lightweight, sturdy.

Cons: Well… It’s a simple and clear case – like it’s really simple, doesn’t complement design so well. Tactile buttons on side feel a bit cheap.

Price: $49.95

[Grab it here!]

Otterbox Symmetry

Image: Otterbox

Pros: For protection, huge – ultra durable, great edge protection, complements design, real dust resistant.

Cons: Super thick, no flexibility, for the S9+ makes an already big phone thicker again, not cheap.

Price: $75

[Grab it here!]

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