Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs S8: So What’s Different?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs S8: So What’s Different?
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Samsung is touting the Galaxy S9 smartphone as a major reinvention. Mind you, it said the same thing about the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S7 before that. That’s a suspicious amount of reinventing going on, major or otherwise.

So just how different is Samsung’s current flagship compared to its predecessor? Is it worth the upgrade? Here are the specifications so you can judge for yourself.

The following infographic was put together by er, Samsung. Normally that would be highly dubious. However, seeing as it’s only comparing specifications, the whole thing is pretty objective.

As you can see, most of the S9’s hardware components are similar to the S8: they both have the same 5.8-inch Infinity Display, 4GB RAM, IP68 water resistance and 3000mAh battery. However, the S9 does come with some significant changes under the hood, including a completely revamped camera, advanced security biometrics and all the improvements that come with the latest versions of Android and Bixby.

If you’re after new specs and features, the larger S9+ model provides the most significant changes, particularly in the areas of photographic output and memory. Is it a must-have upgrade for owners of the S8 or Note8? Nope. But if you’re still clasping onto a Galaxy model from two or three years ago, this is the handset to get.

You can see the full rundown of specification changes below.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs S8: So What’s Different?

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  • Thanks, Chris.

    That makes me feel a lot better about having purchased an S8 late last year just as the media was spruking a lot of “Don’t buy a new phone – wait for the S9”. For a few months the amount of hype out there that inferred that the S9 was going to be a total revolution in phones was making me feel a bit like I’d jumped the gun.

    I don’t use the fingerprint sensor on the S8 as the face scanner works a treat and I can always revert to the pattern unlock if needed. The camera’s fine and has replaced my ‘point-and-shoot’. If I want a really great photo, I have a full frame DSLR + LightRoom/PhotoShop. I suspect I’ll never need to increase the size of my microSD card above the 64GB that is now in my S8 (but always remember the old Gates’ quote: “640K ought to be enough…”).

    As long as it performs as well and as reliably as my old S5 (now in use with SWMBO), I’ll be happy!

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