How To Get Rid Of Netflix’s ‘Are You Still Watching?’ Prompts

How To Get Rid Of Netflix’s ‘Are You Still Watching?’ Prompts

Nothing kills a good Netflix binge-watching session like those pop-ups that ask if you are in fact still trying to watch yet another episode of that show after a few hours. Here’s a neat little Chrome extension that takes care of the problem.

Never Ending Netflix is a Chrome Extension that automatically skips intros and popups that ask if you’re still watching, and automatically plays the next episode of your show once the one you’re watching is done, so you don’t have to hit that next button.

Also built in is the ability to search Netflix’s library by over 3000 sub-genres.

The extension is activated by clicking on its icon from the top right of your Chrome browser. You can search for television shows and movies right from here as well as toggle on and off the title sequence skipping, automatically playing the next episode, and “Are you still watching?” prompts.

Screenshot: Never Ending Netflix

Unfortunately, since it’s a Chrome extension, it’s only going to work when you’re watching a Netflix show on your computer, which more than likely isn’t your preferred watching method, at least not all the time.

That said, if you are watching on your computer it could be a nice way to streamline that watching experience.