iOS 12 And macOS 10.14 Will Be Revealed On 4 June 2018

iOS 12 And macOS 10.14 Will Be Revealed On 4 June 2018
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Apple has officially announced that their annual shindig for developers, the Worldwide Developer Conference will be running from 4 June for five days at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. This is the annual event where developers get to showcase their new software creations and Apple unveils the latest versions of all their new software. With the company now offering four different operating systems – macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS – there will be a lot to see.

Although the event isn’t really about hardware, Apple has taken to sneaking some hardware announcements in as well. Last year, they revealed the HomePod, a new iMac Pro and a 10.5-inch iPad Pro alongside all their new operating systems software. If they follow suit, we can expect FaceID to make its way to the iPad and perhaps they’ll also ditch the home button in order to expand the display real estate without making the device any larger. But whether they accomodate the required hardware in a notch or by retaining a thin black band at the top of the display is anyone’s guess.

As far as the two main software platforms go, I think we’ll see fewer new features with Apple focussing on improving the stability and performance of iOS 12. I’ve mentioned before how I think iOS 11 has outgrown the constraints of the original iOS design and that Apple needs to rethink the app-centric approach, putting data at the forefront and allowing developers to get creative with how they link data from different apps.

However, it’s not clear Apple is ready to take the plunge on a drastically redesigned iOS after rumours about some app updates being held back and the recent battery life issues in iOS.

macOS has been a stable platform and while Apple adds new features each year, the differences from one year to the next are quite subtle. So, while there will be changes that Apple will make a big song and dance over, I except those changes to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

Developers can apply for tickets from until through 23 March at 4:00AM AEDT through the WWDC website. Tickets are issued through a random selection process, and developers will be notified of application status by 24 March at 11:00AM AEDT. Tickets cost US$1599.


  • “Apple focussing on improving the stability and performance of iOS 12.”

    Isn’t that depressing? Why wasn’t that released stable in the first place? Apple used to release stellar operating systems but now it seems they just churn out sh!t as fast as they can make it, then fix it later.

    I guess they are too busy counting money.

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