How To Attract Freelance Coders To Your Startup [Infographic]

How To Attract Freelance Coders To Your Startup [Infographic]
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The apps economy is suffering from a growing skills shortage, which can make it difficult to get a new software project off the ground. The good news is that there’s still plenty of talent out there — you just need to know where to look. This infographic from UpWork explains how to find and attract a remote development team that doesn’t suck.

A recent survey from the freelance talent marketplace UpWork has revealed that the ‘developer well’ might not be as dry as previously thought. Top developers from around the world are actively seeking work, with more than half of those surveyed expecting to up their work hours in the next 12 months. The tricky part is securing that talent.

The following infographic breaks down what managers need to do to secure skilled developers, including a checklist of popular perks and incentives. Needless to say, hooking top talent requires more than throwing up a job listing — detailed work description, potential earnings, timeliness, client reputation and an ability to be flexible all play an important part.

Check out the complete infographic below. In addition to myriad hiring tips, it includes the average hourly rates that developers expect to be paid for various types of projects in Australia.

[Via UpWork]

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