How To Boost The Volume Of Individual Tabs In Chrome

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It feels like there's a hundred different ways of killing the sound from websites and tabs in Chrome, but what about upping the volume? Normally, you could just turn up the dial on your speakers, or stuff around with the your operating system's audio mixer, but these won't do if you want to target a single tab.

Unfortunately, Chrome doesn't support this type of functionality out of the box, but you can use an extension.

Several are available, including one that gives you a full equaliser, but if you just want to up the volume on tabs on a case by case basis, Volume Master is the one you want.

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It's very straightforward to use — just install the extension and whenever you hit a tab with low-volume audio, click the Volume Master icon in Chrome's menu bar. You can then decrease or increase the volume of the active tab, from zero per cent, all the way up to 600 per cent.

Volume Master's uses are certainly niche, but it's a handy extension to have. In my case, I wanted to boost quiet YouTube videos without having my head randomly blown off by notifications and the like because I've had to dial everything to 11.

Volume Master [Chrome Web Store]


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