Here Are Some Productive Ways To Relax

Image: Kaboompics // Karolina (CC0)

Relaxation? Productivity? These don't go together... normally. If you just want to put butt to couch and think of nothing, that's fine. On the other hand, if you have a few drops of energy in reserve and wouldn't mind spending them while you chill, that's possible too.

Alyse Kalish over at The Muse has compiled a list of activities that combine relaxation with doing stuff. Along with the usual suspects such as reading or listening to a podcast, she includes more productive pastimes:

Write: Start a blog, write an article and post it on LinkedIn, journal. Don’t worry about composing something spectacular—just get those thoughts on paper.

Cook: Or bake! Find a new recipe and try it out—and if you bring your creation into work I guarantee your co-workers will love you.

Solve a Puzzle: Challenge your mind a bit by working on a physical puzzle. Or, play solitaire with yourself. If you have a roommate, play a board game.

Of course, if you feel you'd have trouble chilling out while doing any of the above, that likely means you really do need a few hours of nothing.

15 Better Things to Do After Work (if You Want to Be Happy) [The Muse]


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