Australian Netflix Keeps Removing Movies (Find Out Which Ones Here)

Have you ever been rudely surprised when logging onto Netflix or Stan to watch a particular movie, only to find that movie mysteriously missing? We've come to expect ever-expanding libraries of content from streaming services, especially in Australia where services such as Netflix are relatively young. The sad truth of the matter is that Netflix giveth and thus Netflix must taketh away — but at least there's a way to find out just what it is that's disappearing.

Though we're in the habit of putting together a list of the new content for Australia's streaming services every month, it can be harder to find what content is leaving the library for most countries other than the US. Previously it wasn't as much of a problem — the last time we asked Netflix about it, the service was new to Australia and thus was focusing on adding content before anything was going to be taken away.

But now Aussie Netflix is over two years old. Considering many conventional content licenses run for 24 months (though many ran for just 12), we're now seeing a lot of content disappearing from the platform. How much exactly? Well, you can take a look for yourself.

One of the sites that aggregates content expiry dates is New On Netflix, a very official sounding unofficial listing. A quick scroll shows that this week will be your last chance to watch movies like Bruce Almighty, slasher horror You're Next or Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave.

OzStream also keeps an expiring soon list, which lists both Amazon Prime and Stan as well as the Australian Netflix library. It only has the next seven days, but it's a handy list that seems to line up with New On Netflix's dates.

One word of warning - as Netflix Australia doesn't officially release its expiry dates, the information in these websites can't be taken as gospel.

Is there another service you use to find out what's leaving your favourite streaming services in the near future? Share it with us in the comments!

This story has been updated from its original publication.


    Despite their convenience, this is why I (for one) still like to buy my movies on BluRay (or whatever physical media I can find).

    Unless the content is a Netflix original there is something that Netflix has no control over; the streaming license.

    To how any movie or TV show, Netflix has to get a streaming license. Unless Netflix somehow gets a perpetual license (which I though would be phenominally hard) there is a fix period Netflix can stream that content and in what region.

    When it comes time to renew, the rights holder (not necessarily the content creator, sadly) may either refuse to renew outright or try to push new terms that are unfair and cause Netflix to bail.

    When I buy a movie on BluRay, I can watch at my leisure.

    But I'm not dense; even if licensing was not an issue, Netflix still will need servers to keep the files needed for streaming. And with the growth of new content always on the rise, it is understandable (at least to me) if even adopting a cloud means space is limited and some items have to be removed to make room.

    EDIT: Dayum, moderation has gone into over drive today!

    Last edited 02/05/17 12:34 pm

      blu ray discs don't expire, however the hardware that plays them does

      if your blu ray player stops receiving firmware updates (eg. the manufacturer discontinues the product) then it won't play the newer blu ray discs, and then there's the risk that a security flaw is discovered in the older firmware and could render the blu ray player bricked (or compromise other devices/systems it's connected to)

      there's many instances of discontinued blu ray hardware not playing recent blu ray discs

        None of which invalidates his points. I've had an old Blu-ray player in the exact situation you mention (nice work stopping updates LG) but even though it won't play some new movies, all my old ones work fine. So if your player currently plays your favourite movie it'll keep playing it. Unlike Netflix (et al) which may suddenly drop the movie entirely as the article says.

        I don't mind the idea of netflix, but the reality is actually a pain in the ass. I was seriously considering signing up last week but when I checked all the series I want will not be on it. And most of the recent movies are still further away than the blu-ray releases. When it takes three or four streaming services to get the content you want it's no longer a good financial deal. I'd rather have DVD rental stores back at that point.

    I use for leaving titles which has what is leaving up until the 31st of the current month. You can filter it to just Australia or include other countries too. It's only Netflix though, not Stan etc. I don't like their "New" section though, for that I use

    The Ozstream one mentioned in the article looks interesting since it includes Stan. That would be helpful. I wish it was more than 7 days though.

    Call me old fashioned, but I still like a disc, in a case, on my shelf. That I can watch at MY leisure. I feel that in the future, people will log into their chosen streaming service and say “where did all the good stuff go?” I however will probably be found dead under a pile of a few thousand DVD & BluRay cases!

    I use upflix

    I gave up collecting physical media a long time ago when my huge VHS collection became nothing but paper weights, which will happen with both DVDs and Blu ray eventually as well

      The difference with dvd/blu from VHS though is backward compatibility. You can buy a brand new UHD player and it'll happily play your first DVD that you bought back in 1997. And even better it'll probably upscale it and make it look even better than it did on your original DVD player.

      As long as they continue to use a spinning disc read by a laser for storage it's likely that they will retain compatibility. Which is amazing.

      That said, digital files (ie: avi/mpg/mkv/etc) should all have the same future proofing.

    Netflicks misses the point for customers.
    Going into screen ,
    Instead of choice selecting short TV series,
    Or along sit down movies, all is jumbled. Categories requested mix the two.
    Then when you go down the page see the same stuck all over the place.
    Also my charges have gone up, but still stuck with this mess!

    Ozstream shut down, this article needs updating. And you should ask Netflix again when stuff's leaving and report on it, since US Netflix reveals this info there's no reason AU can't. It'd be very handy for Stan too.

    I've been a bit turned off by the Australia Netflix. The movie/TV shows catalogue is never up to date and misses on, on a lot of the contents. I've built a Plex Server for this very reason, I get to keep all the contents I like without any expiry.

      No streaming service is 'up to date'. I think you are missing the point of what they are.

    What I noticed I watched a few episodes of some movie series which was removed. :(
    Then some months later it came back, and Netflix had remembered which episodes I had seen. How good is that?

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