Don’t Let Daylight Saving Time Screw Up Your International Travel

Don’t Let Daylight Saving Time Screw Up Your International Travel

You may have heard that Daylight Saving Time started over the weekend in the United States. Several countries observe Daylight Saving Time, and not everyone does it at the same time.

Image: Pexels

Last weekend’s time change affects the United States, most of Mexico, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Cuba, Turks and Caicos, and parts of Canada.

However, if you’re in Europe you’ll “spring forward” on March 25 at 1AM, Travel and Leisure notes.

Meanwhile, countries in the southern hemisphere are falling back while the northern hemisphere is springing forward. Brazil has already gone back an hour, Chile will make the change on May 13, and Australia and New Zealand will follow suit on April 1.

If you have international travel plans in your immediate future, then it pays to note when those time changes are occurring. Your phone might not automatically change to the right time, especially if you’re just in town for a layover, and you could run into trouble if you’re not paying attention.

You can check when Daylight Saving Time happens around the world here.

I’m actually flying back from Europe next Sunday morning when that time change happens. While I’d like to hope that my hotel will give me a heads up, it would be oh-too-easy to not realise and show up too late for my 9AM flight home.