Four Of The Best True Crime Podcasts

There’s never been a better time to get into true crime; especially if you also happen to enjoy podcasts. With scores of quality audio programmes produced each year, even the most voracious listener is spoiled for choice. Here are four of the best from 2017 that every self-respecting TC enthusiast needs to catch up on.

If the adjective “heartwarming” makes your blood run cold, the following podcasts are essential downloads. Be warned; some of them are not for the faint of heart. But that’s the reason we find them so riveting, isn’t it?

In no particular order, here are four true crime podcasts that you should definitely bookmark for later. (Click on the subheadings to get each podcast!)

#1 The Last Podcast on the Left: Episodes 285-287 on Norwegian Black Metal

Mixing comedy and true crime is no easy task, but it works for the guys from Last Podcast on the Left because of their meticulous research inspired by earnest intellectual curiosity. This definitive three-parter on the Norwegian Black Metal scene and related church burnings of the early ’90s is by turns gross, terrifying, absurd, hilarious and insightful.

#2 Dirty John

I listened to the podcast before I read anything about the case and I’m glad I went in blind. This has all the trappings of a slickly produced true crime podcast but somehow manages to be totally surprising. It’s like the most complex and disturbing episode of Real Housewives ever.

#3 Crimetown

As a native Rhode Islander I was predisposed to love this podcast which covers the parallel careers of crime boss Raymond Patriarca and Providence Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci – both of whom were criminals ruling over the smallest state in the US. While at times it indulges a bit in mafia nostalgia, on the whole, it’s a fascinating look at a little known chapter in this history of La Cosa Nostra.

#4 You Must Remember This: Dorothy Stratten (Dead Blondes Episode 13)

The entire Dead Blondes season of You Must Remember This was breathtaking in scope and execution, but host Karina Longworth essentially indicts the entire concept of the male gaze in this episode devoted to Dorothy Stratten and the various men who treated her short life as a commodity to be bought, sold and disposed of.

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