Ask For Another Free In-Flight Meal If You're Really Hungry On A Long Flight

If you're still hungry after eating your in-flight meal, you can ask a flight attendant for another one for free.

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Travel & Leisure notes that most airlines are happy to give you an additional meal if there's one available. Availability will, of course, vary from flight to flight, and you might not get your first pick between the chicken and the pasta, but if your stomach is still rumbling post meal there's the possibility of getting seconds.

Typically it's best to ask as soon as possible since there are likely to be limited extra meals (if any).

Flight attendants are unlikely to give you two meals at once, but will probably acknowledge your request and let you know whether there's any food left over after they finish service for the entire plane.

I actually did this last year on a 14-hour flight from San Francisco to Italy. I have a shellfish allergy which I had noted on my reservation, earning me the "food allergy" meal onboard. While everyone around me was enjoying omelets, I was given a weird breakfast "allergy meal" which I think was the meal to satisfy any allergy anyone could possibly have. It was three slices of tomato.

I had slept through the night before's dinner service and was exceptionally hungry. Flight attendants served the rest of the plane but brought me an omelet once they knew they had enough to go around.

In the end, you're still eating aeroplane food, which even when it's good aeroplane food is typically not the most delicious dining option. But it's definitely better than nothing, or shelling out cash for an overpriced can of Pringles on board.

If you know you're going to be super hungry on board, it's always good to pack some high-protein snacks to get you through. I always fly with a bag of trail mix, which has been clutch not only for an in-flight snack but also when I need a snack in my hotel at my destination.

And if you have enough time before you board, you can always grab a meal at the airport to take onboard and then ask the flight attendants to save your in-flight meal for you until you're hungry later in the flight.


    And if you have enough time before you board, you can always grab a meal at the airport to take onboard

    Depending on the airline and where you are traveling, you're sometimes not allowed to take food or drink on board the flight with you. Maybe some snacks will be allowed but a full meal is likely a no-no. You often can't even take a bottle of water on board the flight with you.

      Once u pass customs, u can find hungry jacks in Melbourne airport, I buy some snacks there often.

        Yeah you can find food once you pass customs BUT depending on your destination and/or airline, you can't take it on the plane with you, you need to consume it before you board the flight. I still remember on a flight from Abu Dhabi back to Sydney flying on Etihad, I had a bottle of water with me that I'd purchased after I had gone through customs, and before boarding the flight they set up another bag check desk and checked everyone's carry-on luggage. They found my bottle of water and told me I needed to leave it behind.

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