Punch Up Your Resume With These 22 Action Verbs [Infographic]

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There's no shortage of resume tips on the internet, but word selection is one area that's often overlooked. Believe it or not, your verb choices can have a serious impact on how your resume is received by prospective hirers - even if the listed skills and achievements remain otherwise unchanged.

This infographic from Eapplicants lists 22 action verbs that have been proven to strengthen resumes, along with a multitude of extra tips.

The tips in this infographic purport to make your resume one in a million. Hyperbole aside, it does contain some solid advice covering all aspects of your resume or CV, including page layout, font choice, best skills to focus on, proofreading and the aforementioned action words. If your resume could use a spit and polish, try implementing some of the below tips.

[Via Eapplicants]


    I can't wait to read the resumes of people who 'Stablishes' things

      HA!! ????

      *HA!! (insert laughing emoji, and not ????)

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