YouTube Roundup: Last Week's Best Online Videos

Here are last week's best online videos, including: Barnaby Joyce gets walloped by John Oliver, Fergie wallops the US National Anthem, Bill Gates does not know how much groceries cost and more!

John Oliver - Barnaby Joyce

Fergie Performs The U.S. National Anthem - Terribly

Drake - God's Plan

Bill Gates Guesses Grocery Store Prices

Trilha Submersa no Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata

Honest Trailers - Justice League

How I Made My Millions! (And so can you)

Figure Skater Finishes Despite Wardrobe Malfunction

Dash Cam Owners Australia Compilation

Florida Survivor to Rubio: Will you reject NRA money?

Team LeBron vs Team Stephen - Full Game Highlights

Lost In Space - Date Announcement | Netflix

MUSE - Thought Contagion


    Justice League was a mess. Affleck phoned in his role, and Gadot was as wooden as ever.
    Im sure there were other actors, but who cares?

    If there is a sequel, you will know that Hollywood has nothing but contempt for moviegoers.

    Lost in space - they had a black daughter?

    Last edited 23/02/18 9:49 pm

    All of these videos at least make sense as to why they would be viewed a lot.

    It puzzeles me why that underwater video footage is in this list. Why? its just some boring underwater footage.

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