Which Is Faster? iOS or Android

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If you want to start an irrational argument there are lot of ways to kick one off if you're a techie type. Mac vs Windows. SQL Server vs Oracle. But the biggest tech rivalry at the moment is between iOS and Android. Which platform is the fastest? Ookla, who bring us the Speedtest app and service, looked at the data they have collected through their Speedtest tool and come up with some interesting insights.

What's interesting is that the answer as to which is faster out of Android and iOS seems to depend on where you are. Ookla surveys almost 130 countries through Speedtest. They found Android was faster in Iraq, South Africa, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Kuwait. But iOS won in Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh and Japan.

More iOS users than Android use the Speedtest app, the most popular Android brands Ookla saw came from Samsung and Xiaomi.

Some of the more interesting data comes when looking at average speeds on mobile networks between different countries. While our NBN languishes and fixed broadband continues to be a policy and deployment basket case, our mobile networks are ranked fourth in the world for iOS, with an average speed of 47.9Mbps. We don't appear on the Android rankings as too few results were received by Ookla during the test period from devices running Android.

Image: Ookla

For fixed broadband, Ookla ranked Australia 56th in the world. Overall, taking into account mobile results, our result of 47.9MBps had us in sixth place overall for mobile. That difference is because countries that had higher performance with Android, jumped up in the overall rankings.

There's a lot to complain about when it comes to fixed broadband performance and the cost of mobile connectivity. But Ookla's data paints a positive picture when it comes to mobile performance, and highlights the policy void faced by fixed broadband customers.


    Ok, but that has nothing to do with the OS

    This is the worst article I've ever seen. Internet speeds differed between android and iOS by country.. It's almost like it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OS

    Got to wonder if maybe the iOS users are testing more often just because they're insecure people to start with.

    Or because they're clueless about technology but like to think they know stuff, and a speed test makes them feel more techy.

    Something just doesn't add up about more iOS users using the app than Android.

      Well done on the level of stupidity you have shown in that post.

      I won't insult Android users by assuming you are typical.

    What did I just read? Complete clickbait from Lifehacker. Title doesnt relate to article, and the article is completely unrelated, doesn't, and cannot answer the title question.
    Title should read : "people use speed test app, here are some vague results about Australia's standing"

    The Headline for this article is "Which Is Faster? iOS or Android"
    However the data being analysed is the Download and Upload speeds, something largely controlled by the ISP and the reception at the location, it has nothing to do with the Operating System.
    Very misleading headline.

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