The Best Songs About Love And Sex (According To Spotify)

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Spotify, a service for turning your music listening habits into public content, analysed thousands of user playlists themed on love, sex, heartache or hating Valentine's Day, and made four Top 10 playlists of the most commonly featured songs.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Topping the "Global Love Songs" playlist is Ed Sheeren's "Perfect", and now you feel old. "Top Global Sex Songs" starts with The Weeknd's "Earned It" from Fifty Shades of Grey; "Top Global Heartache Songs" starts with Sam Smith's "Too Good at Goodbyes". Honestly the only playlist that looks entirely familiar to us is the anti-Valentine one, topped by TLC's "No Scrubs".

Check out the full track list that Spotify built out of your data, and tell us what's missing. Actually, we made a collaborative Spotify playlist that combines all the themes. Go ahead and add your songs to it. (Just follow the playlist, and you can drag any song over to its title on the left column.) It will be an emotional roller coaster of love, sex and heartache, so please prepare to break down crying at your computer.


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