Virgin Mobile Has A 18GB Plan For $32

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If you're looking to switch telco providers, Virgin Mobile is spruiking a new offer that sounds pretty tempting. For a limited time, new customers can score 18GB of mobile data per month for $32 when they sign up to a 12-month contract. Here's how the deal breaks down.

The specifics of this deal are actually a bit complicated - it involves getting 20% off Virgin Mobile's 15GB 12-month SIM plan (which usually costs $40 per month), plus a bonus 3GB to use each month. Combined, that gives you 18GB of mobile data for $32: not too shabby!

Over 12 months, this works out to a minimum cost of $384. Extra data is charged at $10 per gigabyte. The 3GB bonus will remain part of your data allowance until you cancel or change plans.

Here are the various 20% off options:

The deal is available from now until midday 21 February, 2018. Head to Virgin Mobile for the full rundown.


    Last month (when I signed on for this plan) they were offering 20GB for $32.

    As per geekarchives above - last month Virgin had 20gb for $32 and with a 'WHISTLEOUT' coupon code, an extra 500Mb per month for the life of the plan. That only just expired on Jan 31.

    So 20.5Gb per moth for $32 PLUS data rollover, international calls etc.trumps this plan. Not sure why an article wasn't written for that promo also? Unless I missed it...

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