Use These Free Resources To Help Kids Reflect On Black Panther 

Black Panther, with its almost entirely black cast, is inspiring audiences - seeing photos of black kids watching the film is pure joy. In classrooms and at dinner tables, the movie is opening up conversations about injustice and politics and change.

Photo: Matt Kennedy (Marvel/Disney)

Black Panther Challenge, which is a movement to get more kids into theatres to watch Black Panther, offers free online resources to help kids, teens and adults reflect on the film.

For the youngest kids, there are downloadable colouring pages and activity sheets.

Black Panther Challenge

For high school students, there are readings for before and after viewing the film, including "The Dark Meaning Behind the Word 'Robot'" and "The Politics of Black Panther".

Frederick Joseph, the New York resident who launched the the #BlackPantherChallenge on social media, says that "all children deserve to believe they can save the world, go on exciting adventures, or accomplish the impossible". It's amazing what a film can do.


    Are people really this stupid?

    It’s a pretend kiddie movie.
    Brought to you by the makers of iron man.

    Were there dinner conversations about the evils of corporations creating weapons after that movie?

    We really are living in the time of idiocracy.

    You know, sometimes kids are just there to see a great movie - they don't care what race the actors are. Its a pity some 'adults' seem to think this is a big deal.

      imagine a black kid who's never seen a black superhero movie! imagine a new level of empathy they could feel with that character! Imagine how excited they'd be!

        So you can only feel empathy with people of the same skin colour?

          it's easier to relate to people who you relate to??? u can relate to people in many ways and the more of those ways you relate to them the more you relate to them??????? I feel like this isn't a difficult concept

    This movie is either a good equality strategy or a good marketing strategy. I haven't worked out which yet.

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