The Samsung Galaxy S9+ Could Be Getting A Massive Battery Upgrade

Image: Samsung

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S9 rumour. Today's leak comes from an alleged "insider" who claims the Samsung Galaxy S+ will boast a larger battery. How much larger? Try 36-hours of heavy usage. It will also retain the headphone jack. (Hurrah!)

During a recent AMA, Reddit user BihPandemonium claimed to have both the S9 and S9+ in his possession.

According to the insider, Samsung's new phones will both come equipped with beefier batteries; especially the S9+ which offers “about a 1.5 day battery life” between charges. It will also support Project Treble, come with a dual lens camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack (which isn't always a given these days.)

“I got the S9 and S9+ rev 1.1 so it’s very close to the final product and I would say if you are going to buy the S9 it looks on par with the S8 and performs like with normal use but if your going with the plus it has dual lens camera and about a 1.5 day battery life," BihPandemonium claimed in the original post.

As with most Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours, it's impossible to verify the authenticity of the original source, but it sure does sound plausible and aligns with other leaks thus far. Regardless, it's fun to speculate! A larger Galaxy phone with superior photographic capabilities and longer battery life will probably be enough to sway existing S8 owners to upgrade.

All will be revealed on February 26 at Mobile World Congress (MWC), where Samsung is scheduled to announce its new flagship phones. Here are all the ways to follow along live!

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    So is that "battery life" or "continuous use"....?
    36 hours of continuous use e.g. watching YouTube would be crazy good. Whereas 36 hours between charging with normal use sounds believably good.
    I doubt it's 36 hours of "continuous use".

      Fair point. 'Continuous' should really read 'heavy usage'. I've amended the article.

    "A larger Galaxy phone with superior photographic capabilities and longer battery life will probably be enough to sway existing S8 owners to upgrade."
    My S8 isn't even 12 months old. Zero chance of upgrading.

      I'm awaiting for the S9 so it will drop S8 prices. Then I'll get an S8

        Yeah that's my line of thought for me upgrading my Day 1 S8 =) Wait for the S10!!

    It will also retain the headphone jack. (Hurrah!)

    And when it is finally gone from all phones, the faux-outraged will conveniently forget their outrage.

      Doubtful. I remove ear phones often at work and leave them dangling. Out the collar of my top, something I can't do with wireless. I also plug my phone into the stereo at home or in the garage, something else I can't do without a 3.5mm jack. I wouldn't say I'd be outraged at the loss but it would be very inconvenient.

        There are wireless earphones that loop around the neck.

        When it is obvious that all phones will lose the headphone jack, and they will, people will simply accept the fact, and go wireless. It will be painless.

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