The Gentleman's Guide To Rolling Up Your Shirtsleeves [Infographic]

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Whether you're doing the dishes, engaging in impromptu football or just unwinding at the bar, it is often necessary to roll up the sleeves of your dress shirt. Unfortunately, most of us are rubbish at it: either the shirtsleeves are a bulky mess or they constantly fall down your arms. (Sometimes both.) This infographic demonstrates how savvy businessmen do it.

As Business Insider explains, most men just fold their cuffs over a couple of times until they reach the desired length. This is a lazy method prone to unravelling. It also looks sloppy.

Instead, you need to unbutton your sleeve and turn it inside out up your arm first. Then fold it over itself repeatedly until you reach the cuff of the shirt. The full instructions are below:

[Via Business Insider]


    My method is different.

    Fold your cuff inside out and continue to fold till you reach your desired length. Each fold should be the width of the cuff which prevents it from constantly sliding down my skinny arms, generally about 3-4 folds for a nice fit

    TBH id much rather just wear a T-Shirt but nooooo 'its unprofessional' lol

      That way is the best but be careful when wearing French Cuffs as they tend to be larger and getting the fold right can be a pain. The method described in the article is best when your cuff and collar has a contrasting colour to the rest of your shirt. Just let the cuff end "peak out" about 1 or 2cm above the roll to give a hint of colour. Best when not wearing a tie as the open collar will match.

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