Re-Watch The 2018 Super Bowl Half-Time Show Here!

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The Super Bowl is not just about the sports, but about the huge half time show. This year, Justin Timberlake took to the stage for the first time since the infamous "Nipplegate" incident. If you're not interested in the huge game that the mighty Philadelphia Eagles just won, well: You can just watch the Half-Time Show right here!

The half-time show was all JT and, for mine, it was a little by the numbers. The sports game taking place around it went alright though!

If you're looking at just catching the adverts, unfortunately those aren't available on Australian TV - but we've got you covered below:

Super Bowl Commercials 2018: Watch Every Ad And Trailer Here! [Updated]

Whatever your thoughts on American football, the Super Bowl's televised broadcast is not to be missed. This is where the world's biggest brands debut their most extravagant and jaw-dropping commercials. You can also expect to see a ton of movie and TV trailers for the very first time.

As always, we'll be collecting the best ads and trailers as soon as they appear online. Watch them all here!

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Enjoy the show and Fly Eagles Fly!


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