Watch The Super Blue Blood Moon Live Stream Here!

For the past few weeks, the majority of Australians have been enjoying clear blue skies. Tonight, it is cloudy as buggery. What a cosmic joke. If you're currently beset by dreary weather and can't see a damn thing, we've got you covered. Watch the live stream right here.

Sadly, cloudy weather has besieged most of Australia during one of the best celestial events in decades. The only capital city with clear skies is Perth. Sydney and Melbourne - where most of the Australian population are situated - are currently enshrouded in cloud cover of 95% and 86%, respectively.

It's not nearly the same, but if you want a taste of what the eclipse looks like, simply click on the live stream above. Then imagine what it would have felt like to see in the actual sky. *Sniff*


    Huh? Completely clear here in Melbourne!

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