Smashed Avo On Toast Isn't Even That Good For You

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Much has been written about the exorbitant price tag of avocado toast. According to some, the swanky brekkie treat is responsible for shutting millennials out of the housing market.

Hyperbole aside, there's a good reason to give up this uber-hipster staple. They're actually not that healthy for you - especially if you're trying to lose weight.

In a recent interview with POPSUGAR, certified dietitian Leslie Langevin named and shamed seven fatty breakfasts that dieters mistakenly embrace.

According Langevin, avocado toast lacks the protein required for a complete breakfast. It's also full of carbs thanks to the bread which is obviously bad news for anyone on a diet. In other words, regularly indulging in this "healthy" snack could actually jeopardise your weight goals. As Langevin explains:

Delicious and very popular at cute cafes, unfortunately avocado toast just doesn't quite cut it if you're trying to lose weight. You're almost there since the avocado does offer healthy fats and some fiber, but you'll need to add a scrambled or sliced hard-boiled egg on top, or enjoy yours with a small protein smoothie.

Other breakfasts that Langevin gave a thumbs down to include juice, all-fruit smoothies, store-bought muffins and rice-based cereals. To see more breakfasts that weight-watchers need to avoid, click here.



    "It's also full of carbs thanks to the bread which is obviously bad news for anyone on a diet."

    No and No. Dietitians and the sudden hatred for carbs is a disgrace

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