The Best Deals From eBay's Huge Tech Sale

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The last week of February might seem like a weird time for great tech deals but it's the week before students either start or go back to university in most cities so it makes sense for the stores to try and tempt students with some great tech deals. Here are a few of the best deals going around at the moment.

Microsoft Surface Book

Price: $1799 less 20% if you use the code P20TECH before 26 Feb 2018
Price: $1999 less 20% if you use the code PAPERS before 22 Feb 2018

Image: Microsoft

The Surface Book is a great machine and this deal on a Surface Book with 512GB of storage, an Core i5 processors and 8GB of memory is a steal at this price.

If you're after a bit more processor power and are happy to drop back to a 256GB SSD, then another $200 will get you a Surface Book with a Core i7 processor and the Performance Base.

They come with Windows 10 Pro (many of the competing products at this price only come with Windows 10 Home) and includes a Surface Pen and comes from Microsoft Australia so you can be confident they're backed with full support.

You'll need to be quick to grab these.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Mini Desktop PC

Price: $1099 less 20% if you use the code P20TECH before 26 Feb 2018

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I've been running an older version of the Lenovo ThinkCentre M710 Tiny Mini Desktop PC for a while now and it's a great little workhorse system. It takes up less space that a text book and can be mounted to the back of a display.

The 7th generation Core i5 processor passes the good enough test and it's also equipped with 8GB or memory and a 256GB SSD (I had to upgrade my older model which shipped with a regular spinning hard drive). There are plenty of ports for hooking up your peripherals including USB 3, DisplayPort, D-SUB (it can handle up to three external screens) and ethernet ports as well as integrated 802.11ac wireless. And, for convenience, two of those USB ports, as well as the mic and headphone jacks, are on the front of the device.

AOC G2460VQ6 24" Gaming LED Monitor

Price: $209 less 20% if you use the code P20TECH before 26 Feb 2018

Image: Ebay

If you're keen on the Lenovo Mini Desktop then you'll want to pair to with a decent display. I've used and reviewed several AOC displays in the past and they've always offered a great balance between value and quality.

The AOC G2460VQ6 is a 24" screen that runs at a native resolution of 1920 by 1080. Sure, it's not the bleeding edge but it's fine for watching movies, playing games and getting some serious work done.

It has HDMI, D-SUB and DisplayPort inputs so, if you're inclined, you could use one port for your PC and another for a Blu-ray player or set-top box, making it a great option if you have limited space. It also has a pair of integrated speakers and a VESA mount so it can popped up on a wall or on a more flexible desktop mount.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 128GB

Price: $1299 less 20% if you use the code P20TECH before 26 Feb 2018

Image: Gizmodo

There's a lot to be said for being able to use a pen or stylus for taking notes or jotting down a quick diagram. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is a great smartphone, equipped with dual SIM slots (which is handy for international students and travellers). The 6.3" Super AMOLED display runs at an amazing resolution of 2960 by 1440 and works really well with the S Pen. And the deal I've picked out is for the 128GB version, undercutting the price some retailers have for the 64GB version.

It supports fast charging using both wired and wireless connections and it's water and dust resistant to the IP68 standards.

We reviewed the Galaxy Note 8 last year, noting that at the time it was released last September that it was "perhaps the best phone you can buy". And, now that the price has dipped and we are approaching the era of the $2000 smartphone thanks to the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks like a pretty good deal.

TP-Link TL-PA7010P Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit

Price: $105 less 20% if you use the code PAPERS before 21 Feb 2018

Image: Ebay

There are times when getting the wireless LAN to reach some locations is simply impossible. And while mesh networking solutions are a good alternative, sometimes it can be easier and less expensive to consider a powerline solution that uses the electrical cabling in your home to move data.

The TP-Link TL-PA7010P powerline kit makes it easy to expand your network from one end of the house to the other. Just plug one into a power outlet near your router, connect it with an ethernet cable and then plug the other node in somewhere else in the the house.

Your data will be piped through the electrical cables, giving you an extended network without the hassle of running mode cables.

Apple Back to Uni Deals

Bonus Beats wireless headphones when you buy an eligible Mac

Image: Apple

Apple doesn't traditionally discount when it comes to their gear but for students purchasing through their Education Store there are sometimes some special offers like iTunes gift cards or extra products.

This year, Apple is throwing in a bonus set of Beats headphone for eligible Mac purchases for students (there are some extra steps you need to got though during the purchase process to price you're an eligible student) but the hardware prices are the same as regular retail.

If you're really desperate for a Mac and are determined to buy from Apple, you can try their refurbished goods store.

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