Rechargeable AA Batteries: Panasonic Eneloop Vs. IKEA LADDA

Yes, like every other product in the universe, IKEA has its own brand of rechargeable NiMH batteries. At $10 for a four-pack, they're worth considering if you're in the market, particularly when compared to Panasonic's more expensive $30 Eneloops. But aren't the Eneloops better? Time to find out.

Matthew Eargle decided to test the capacities and discharge rates of both brands of batteries and document his results in video form.

Note that his price comparisons are in US dollars; you can find IKEA Australia's listing for LADDA online (where they're currently on special for $7.99).

The clip clocks in at almost eight minutes, but the actual testing starts at 5:20, so feel free to skip straight to that.

Image: Panasonic / IKEA

Eargle's findings? The Eneloops and LADDA's had almost identical capacities and discharge characteristics, leading him to speculate that they are, in fact, the same battery.

Of course, there are a lot of factors that aren't considered: even if they are from the same factory, different levels of quality control can have an impact on longevity and reliability. Still, if you don't mind taking a punt on cheap rechargeables, it looks like you could do far worse than IKEA.

Are IKEA LADDA Batteries Really Eneloop Pro? [YouTube, via PetaPixel]


    Grand. I need an excuse to stock up on some CHOKLAD NÖT.

    At $10 for a four-pack, they're worth considering ...
    FYI: My local (Brisbane) IKEA has them on special until 31st March for $7.99 with the fine print saying "while stocks last".

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