Quickly Choose Tonight's Netflix Movie With The Flixboss Ranking Tool

Netflix's front page can be pretty tricky to navigate. While it does a good job of promoting blockbuster movies and Netflix Originals, the other stuff is usually buried out of sight.

This is where the website Flixboss comes in. It lets you search for the best movies and series on Australian Netflix based on Internet Movie Database (IMDB) rankings. Best of all, you can narrow down your search by genre or year. Hurrah!!

Here's the official spiel from the site's authors:

Let's face it, the Netflix UI doesn't make it easy to find something good to watch. It's not uncommon to spend 45 minutes just browsing the catalog before finally being able to decide on a movie or TV show.

We built Flixboss because we were tired of repeating this process again and again. Flixboss is an improved search engine for Netflix that includes trailers, ratings from IMDb and actually lists the movies in a logical order (sorry Netflix). We hope you will like it and feel free to send us your feedback

Using the site could not be easier: simply click on the 'IMDB Rating' button, select a genre and/or year and peruse the list of options. Movies are ranked from best to worst with an accompanying IMDb user score out of ten.

Available genres include Action, Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Crime Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, History, War, Horror, Mystery, Sci-fi, Stand-up, Thriller and Western. If you're not set on a particular genre, you can also see a list of every movie ranked together.

Each movie has its own popup page that contains a synopsis, cast, director, running time and trailer. A link to the corresponding IMDB page is also included.

If you're hungry for the latest titles, you can conduct searches based on newly added content - just click on the 'Netflix Premiere' button and choose your genre.

In fact, the only thing the site doesn't do is show upcoming releases. Fortunately, we have you covered in that respect: you can check out this month's highlights for Netflix, Stan and Foxtel right here!

Here's the link to the website's search page.

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    Keen to try this out as is annoying deciding on a title and having to scroll for a long time to find something.

    On an unrelated note, why has commenting on Gizmodo been disabled.

    IMDB as a rating tool. Dubious at best. Rotten tomatoes is the best.

      I think RT is a waste myself. Driven either by reviewers who have lost touch with the common person, or by fans that judge movies with a self invested bias. The reviewer wants every movie to be a deep nuanced Citizen Kane level masterpiece, while the fan will give a movie a 0 just because the actors eyes are the wrong color for the character...

      To use the Transformers movies as examples, their RT ratings are zero indicator of whether they are fun to watch or not. Clearly they are, they average $900m or so globally, but you wouldn't know that by looking at their average rating, which is ~30 by reviewers and ~60 by viewers.

      And it happens over and over with so many movies. In the end, it means I just don't trust is as a guide.

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