Put A Coaster Under Your Apple HomePod To Protect Wooden Surfaces

If you just picked up Apple's flashy new HomePod speaker you might be thinking of displaying it proudly on the nicest piece of furniture you have, but before you do there's something you should know. The $499 gadget's silicon base can damage wooden surfaces, leaving behind an ugly stain.


I can't believe I have to say this (actually, at this point when it comes to Apple, nothing really surprises me), but you should probably put a coaster under your HomePod before you place it on that heirloom bedside table.

Staingate (as some people have decided to call it) was reported in Wirecutter's HomePod review today. It's also mentioned by Pocket-lint and at least one angry customer on Twitter.

In a statement to Wirecutter, Apple confirmed the issue but claimed that "the marks can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface". If that doesn't work you'll have to refinish the wood to remove the stain.

But really, that shouldn't be necessary. This is a $499 product and the very least you should expect is that it won't damage whatever surface you put it on. So if you want to display your new HomePod on a wooden table or shelf put a coaster (or some other sort of buffer) underneath the speaker. Alternatively, you could also place it on glass or granite with no issue at all, or, you know, just skip the overpriced Apple device entirely this time around.


    The iPhone 4, "you're holding it wrong" debacle all over again...

    When I bought my home theatre equipment, I bought nice furniture to put it on.
    After some use, I noticed a discolouration, due to heat.

    Did I run to the internet and cry like a baby?
    No I did not.
    I bought some cork coasters, and got on with life, and enjoying my TV viewing.

    The internet has made it far too easy for people to prove they are whiny babies.

    The worst you can say about this, is that the people who run Apple communications have been slacking off.

    Update: it seems the Sonos one leaves a similar mark. Amazon and Google speakers probably would too, if they were heavier.

    I’m looking forward to seeing a seperate article on this by the author.

    Last edited 16/02/18 9:23 pm

      Sounds like you bought cheap furniture.

      My old man has an beefy amp that has been sitting on the same cabinet for 20 years and it hasn't discoloured. It gets cleaned every week, and hifi system used daily.

      Apple's Speaker Blob leaving permanent marks on furniture is just another in a long list of stupid things that Apple is doing lately.

        It was reasonably expensive, and very good.

        The mark the HomePod leaves isn't permanent, and is the same as the mark left by the Sonos One. Was that stupid of Sonos?

        If the Amazon and Google speakers were a little heavier, they too would leave marks.

        The whiny kiddies need to grow up, and realise that they are not the centre of the universe.

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