Microsoft And Google Are Forcing Developers To Choose Between Them

Image: From Microsoft and Google

Microsoft and Google are running their main developer events at the same time this year, forcing developers to choose between the two events. While many businesses prefer a multi-cloud solution so they aren't locked in to a single provider, developers will have decide which platform will carry their conference attention in 2018.

Microsoft Build will be running from May 7 to May 9, at the Washington State conference centre in Seattle. The full agenda isn't up yet but we can expect that next week, when the US$2495 registrations open.

While Build opens on the Monday, further south in Mountain View, Google I/O will open on Tuesday 8 May and run until 10 May 2018 and be at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Tickets are allocated by ballot with the drawing taking place on 22 February (US time).

While competition is a good thing, I can't help think there's a little bit of bloody-mindedness about this. While not every developer or business has the budget to cover both events, there are some who would attend both in order to keep up with what's going on across the different platforms. In particular, freelancers and contractors who work with clients using Microsoft's and Google's tools might relish being able to attend both. But having them run concurrently in different cities makes that very difficult.

Perhaps, next year, they could pick a neutral venue and have the two events run concurrently so devs can attend both. Or run them at separate times so developers aren't faced with a "Sophie's Choice".


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