Men: Give Women More Credit At Work

Men! Mule Design co-founder Erika Hall has seven ways for you to counteract sexism at work. Some will help you shut down overt sexism; some address more unconscious habits such as interrupting women. And you don't need to be in a position of power to use them. Hall's article is free of filler, so read it all, but here's our favourite tip.

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"Give credit to women publicly in front of other men," Hall says. In conversations and in her workshops for professional women, Hall frequently hears about men taking credit for women's ideas. Men shouldn't be afraid of crediting women loudly and frequently: "Credit is not a scarce resource to the competent." So, Hall says, call out women's good ideas immediately, then repeat them later with credit.

Stealing credit "is often unconscious," Hall says. "That doesn't make it OK." If you practise naming the people - both men and women - who had good ideas, you're less likely to accidentally remember them as your own. (If you're getting defensive at the very idea that you've ever accidentally stolen credit, then dude, you probably have.)

This is also a good way to help women keep the floor, even though research says that men talk longer and more often than their female peers. Plus it's kind of fun and it makes people like you. Really, we've tried it. People like being recognised for their contributions! Who would have guessed! OK now go read the entire article.

Be a Pal, My Dudes [Erika Hall on Medium]


    Yeah sure - as long as women will bother to learn stuff. The number of women who turned to me and say, "I don't know how to do XYZ." That's it. They won't even 'try' to learn or read up on the application, equipment, whatever. They throw their hands in their air and say its all too hard, and walk away - leaving me with the problem. The job still needs to be done - and the men end up having to do it because the women have gone off to have a child's tantrum.

      Frank, I work in IT support and can tell you straight from experience that your comment is total misogynistic bullcrap. Women are no more likely to do this than men. Actually if argue that men are far more prone to refusal to learn or change behaviours. Ive seen men in positions far higher than me chuck major wobblies because they don't know how to use a computer properly and refuse to learn - instead insisting that everything change for them.

      Based on your comment. I can guess you are the lazy one and like to blame women for all your problems.

    This is all great advice, by why the hell are we making about gender?! Everything mentioned should apply to everyone, male, female or otherwise. I'm so sick of reading this crap that makes it out that women are the only ones facing these problems, these are workplace problems, not gender issues!

    Go sit in a room full of dudes in a bunch of corporate locations and you'll see all you'll see all these problems there too!

    Plenty of women have interrupted me. Plenty havent given me credit for my work.

    This is juvenile nonsense.
    Just treat each other with respect.

      Wow down voted for saying treat every one with respect.

        It’s not politically correct.

        There must always be a victim.

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