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You wanted: Winter Olympics viewing tips, new shows coming to Netflix in 2018 and Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Is It Legal To Access American Netflix In Australia With A VPN?
    Virtual private networks (VPNs) have many legitimate purposes. They're also used to cheekily circumvent geo-blocks on overseas sites like US Netflix - often against the express wishes of rights holders. Like most online technologies, government legislation is currently a bit vague on what is and isn't allowed. So is it legal to stream restricted content through a VPN? Let's find out.
  2. How To Watch The Winter Olympics Live, Online And Free In Australia
    Australia might not be renowned for its prowess in winter sports - we live on a bloody dry continent, don't we mate? - but we've got a strong contingent at this year's Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Our prospects look pretty good, and there's always the chance one of our athletes pulls a Stephen Bradbury, too.
  3. What Happened To Google Image Search And Why You Can No Longer View Images Directly
    Yesterday, Google made a few changes to the way Image Search works, the biggest tweak being the removal of the "View Image" button they would take you straight to the image's URL. Now, all you'll see is "Visit", which navigates to the page on which the image appears. So, why did Google do this? A legal settlement with Getty Images basically.
  4. Google's Android Messages Is About To Copy iMessage's Best Feature
    Google has released more messaging apps than I can remember (Allo, Android Messages, Messenger, Hangouts, Gchat, the list goes on), but the company has never been able to come up with a single service that can easily handle your messages on all platforms the way iMessage does for iOS and Mac devices. Now, Google may have finally figured it out by copying one of Apple's best features: Desktop SMS messaging.
  5. Five Of The Best Home Wi-Fi Routers
    There are literally thousands of Wi-Fi routers on the market. Look through the catalog of an office supply or local computer store, and you'll be faced with a plethora of choices. And some vendors make it hard to compare models by giving marketing-based names to features that are really the same as competitors. This is our guide to the must-have features in a home Wi-Fi router today and five of the best to choose from.
  6. How To Use PayID: Australia's New Payments Platform
    The imaginatively named New Payments Platform (which is a great name until it's replaced one day) promises to make it easier to send money between parties. One of the first applications to use the NPP will be PayID. It will let you send money to other people without having to remember annoying details like BSBs or account numbers.
  7. Google's Big Ad-Blocking Update: What You Need To Know
    It's been in the works for nearly a year and Google's great ad-pocalypse is now upon us. The Chrome browser has begun to automatically filter out ads that don't meet certain quality standards. As a result, your browsing experience is about to change a little bit. Here's what you need to know.
  8. Planhacker: The Best Mobile Broadband Plans In Australia
    Mobile Broadband was once something used by road warriors and students; people who spent long stretches of their day away from a reliable WiFi network. And it still is, but more and more people are now turning to a mobile data connection for everyday internet as well.
  9. Six Deals You Should Know About In Australia Today
    G'day! Here are some cracking deals for Lifehacker readers today!
  10. UI Design Insights, From The Man Who Helped Create Windows 95's Taskbar And Start Menu
    We've been fortunate over the last few years to learn more about the processes behind the creation of Windows, in particular the failures of Vista. Now it's time for something positive: a look at the revolutionary user interface design of Windows 95, from the perspective of former Microsoft employee Kent Sullivan.


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