How To Set A Music Alarm With Your Google Home Speaker

I love starting every morning with a daily briefing from my Google Home speaker (just say "Hey, Google good morning" and you'll get the weather, news and any events on your calendar), but using it as an alarm clock is another story. That's because Google's never made it easy to wake up to music instead of a wailing siren - until now.

Thanks to a new Google Assistant update announced this week, you can finally set a music alarm for Google Home with a simple voice command. Just say, "Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 a.m. (or any other time) that plays [name of band or musician]." This will work with whatever streaming service you have set up, like Spotify or Google Play Music.

As you can probably guess from the voice command, it's not easy to pick a specific song. Instead you're just picking an artist, which adds an element of surprise when the alarm goes off each morning.

If you do want to hear a certain track, there's a workaround (courtesy of BGR). All you need to do is create a one-song playlist and ask Google Home to use that as your alarm. It may not be a seamless process but it's still a lot better than the old system, which required saving your song offline before you could use it as an alarm with Google Home.

Just don't use your favourite song as an alarm. It may sound like a good idea now, but you'll be sick of it in a couple of weeks and the song will be ruined. Instead, try something pleasant that builds up to an exciting climax to get you out of bed, or take BGR's advice and torture yourself with Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" every morning.

Whatever you pick, make sure to set a backup alarm that doesn't rely on a smart speaker. That way if the power or internet go out overnight you'll still wake up.


    Not on my Google Home yet. Using this format just uses the "that plays" name as the name of the alarm.

      Yeah, same here. Hopefully soon. I wish there was a better way to manage alarms via Google home. Be good if apps like "sleep" just had a casting mode.

    It’s not working, I ask it and then it sets the alarm but never wakes me up with the song.

    Totally agree! This is basic stuff.....apparently radio alarm works for US users, but not in Australia. How ridiculous is that?

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