How To Get 'View Image' Button Back In Google Search

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Google killed the View Image button recently and while it's easy enough to work around, it'd be even better if there was a way to restore it. Hang on... isn't that what browser extensions and addons are for?

To the rescue is developer Joshua B, who has cooked up extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that return the button to its rightful place.

I doubt Mozilla cares about the addon, but I'm a little surprised it survived Google's review process for the Web Store. Maybe the company will wait until someone from Getty kicks up a fuss (if that ever happens).

And even if it did, it won't magically delete the extension off your hard drive.

If you're worried about it doing something nefarious, the source code is freely available on GitHub. As a developer myself, I had a scan and it looks fine.

View image [Chrome Web Store, via Simple Help]


    Did you consider there's a very good reason why they deleted that button? To make it harder for people to steal content created under copyright! Maybe try respecting the right of creatives to not have their images and content stolen!

      Thanks for teaching me to respect copyright! I'll never view images again on the Web to make sure my eyes don't infringe someones rights!

      To make it harder for people to steal content created under copyright!
      Specifically Getty Images Copyright.
      And all it does is make it one step harder to do.
      If Google weren't just payng lip service to a court order, it could severely cripple the ability to save images within Chrome.
      The best it has to offer is to slightly hinder your ability to download images, and to provide options for those who are interested of checking the usage rights to filter image results.

      The problem is that this made it harder in the same way DNS blocking downloading sites made it harder to download movies. In other words, not at all. Now, instead of clicking View Image, you simply right click and Open Image in New Tab, and get the same result. So it trivial to get the same result.

      Even with that, there are ways to still block saving a copy, but that's up to the webpage designer to put the effort in. And people can always just copy the image, go to Paint and paste it in for something usually good enough anyway.

      With any online presence, there are negatives that go with the positives. You want the far bigger exposure base, you need to accept there are risks proportionate to that. You cant have one without the other.

      INTERNET!GET over it, even without that it can be stolen. Don't want your image stolen keep it off the net... Simple


    Thank you!

    I often IM with people in Germany, more often than not an image is worth a thousand words - being able to quickly obtain an image link to share is quite important for this task.

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