Dealhacker: Get $300 Off The Samsung Galaxy S9 At Woolies

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Last year, one of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-order deals came from an unlikely source: Woolworths Mobile. The company best known for cheap groceries and $2 milk managed to beat every Australian telco on price and data. Now it's looking to do it again with the Galaxy S9.

For a limited time, Woolworths is discounting the Samsung Galaxy S9 by $300 on all Flexi Mobile Plans. The price is deducted prior to monthly repayments, which makes this the cheapest pre-order offer on the market. Depending on which plan you get, you could be paying as little as $54.96 per month.

“Woolworths Flexible Mobile Plans will allow customers to absorb the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ into their monthly plan, whether they can choose to pay it across 24-months or 36-months," Woolworths explained in a statement.

“We are confident the $300 pre-order discount on the latest Galaxy handsets when you sign up to a plan with us will be one of the best deals available on the market.”

The deal comes with a free Samsung Convertible Fast Wireless Charger valued at $119. This is the same pre-order gift being offered by most Australian telcos as well as through Samsung direct.

Woolworths is selling the handset in all three colours: Coral Blue, Lilac Purple and Midnight Black. You can also get 5GB bonus data on select plans.

Now here's the important bit: the deal is only available for one week from today. (27 February to 5 March.) So if you want to save $300 on the S9 we suggest moving quickly. (Either that, or wait another six months or so.)

Here's a look at what's included with each plan. Click on the 'Go' button for more info.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB

Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB

Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB

Samsung Galaxy S9+ 256GB

For our money, the $64.96/mth S9 plan with 15GB data looks pretty good. Data hogs may also want to check out the $74.96/mth Large Flexi Mobile Plan which comes with 25GB Data.

Here are Woolworth's T&Cs:

Offer valid for customers who purchase a new and approved Woolworths Flexi Mobile Plan (“Flexi Plan”) with Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ handset between 27 February 2018 and 5 March 2018. Total min cost of Flexi Mobile Plan includes full handset cost. Discount offer available while stocks last. Discount shall be applied to the Handset Payment Plan (“HPP”) in equal monthly instalments across the term of the HPP, while on an eligible Flexi Mobile Plan. If the HPP is terminated early prior to the expiration of its term, then any discounts that were not applied prior to termination shall be forfeited. Certain applications may require supporting documents to prove eligibility for this offer - if applicable, these documents must be provided within 5 days of request. Downloads stop when data limit is reached. Data charged in 1KB blocks. Individual customers only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Your new handset and bonus Galaxy Wireless Charger will be shipped from 16 March 2018.

[Via Woolworths]

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    Or you could buy a second hand S8 which Is pretty much the same thing in a couple of weeks for $600-700 outright, go prepaid, not be on a contract, and not reward mobile phone manufacturers for ridiculously high prices for insignificant updates. Great phone I'm sure and I'll say awesome phone provider on pre paid but a $300 drop only barely puts the overall cost into 'barely reasonable territory' rather than 'this is a real bargain ville'

    The minimum price you show doesn't match the minimum price when you go to the woolies site linked..
    I was thinking of signing up and cancelling, the paying off the handset over 24 months for $900 - $1000

    The "Min. total cost $" price, is this the total you pay for the phone and 1 month plan?
    Can you pay the "Min. total cost $" and 1 month mobile plan upfront?


    If one cancel WW 24/36 months contact, will Handset Payment Plan (“HPP”) stay while completely paid off, or HPP would be also cancelled and therefore remaining of $300 discount lost?
    I am afraid that your min. cost calculation is wrong assuming that you can cancel the contract after the first month and keep the hand set payments (and discount) for the remaining period.
    Can you please clarify.

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