Chrome OS Canary Delivers Split Screen Goodness

The next version of Chrome OS, dubbed Canary, has reached the stable build stage and includes the ability to run Android apps side-by-side in split screen mode.

It’s taken several months of development for split-screen functions to make it to the Stable build and it’s expected to reach an official build by Chrome OS 66.

You can see the new feature in action here.

It’s additions like this that will continue to encourage people to move away from the easy Windows or Mac options when choosing a new system. Split-screen will make it easy for students and mobile workers to access data in multiple applications, as well as those looking to keep up with social streams while doing other work.

To access split-screen, users open a pair of Android apps, then hit the multi-view button. Each app is dragged to one side of the display, allowing both apps to be used at the same time. The size of the split can be adjusted.


    Canary is a release channel, not a version.
    Canary will never 'reach stable'

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