Briefly: JB Hi-Fi Reviews, Narco Tanks, Ford Ranger Raptor

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: JB Hi-Fi's best in-store game reviews, the first people in Britain were actually black, Billy Mitchell breaks silence on Donkey Kong controversy.

  • The Australian dollar is tumbling. [Business Insider]
  • JB Hi-Fi's games department is infamous for the mini reviews they write which are usually just an excuse to take the piss. Kotaku has assembled some of their finest moments. [Kotaku]
  • A DNA sample from a 10,000-year-old UK skeleton has revealed that the first people in Britain had "dark brown to black skin". [Gizmodo]
  • Billy Mitchell - the real-life pantomime villain from video game documentary King Of Kong has been beset with allegations that his high scores aren't entirely honest. After several days of radio silence, Mitchell has broken his silence. [Kotaku]
  • As drug-trafficking-related violence in Mexico raged, the cartels came up with a radical solution for improving their capabilities in face-offs with other criminal groups and Mexican security services: monstrous homemade tanks. [Business Insider]
  • Ford has revealed its 2-litre turbo diesel Ranger Raptor for Australia. Beast! [Gizmodo]


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