7 'Trendy' Diets Put To The Test [Infographic]

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It seems barely a day goes by without some new "miracle" diet littering our social media feed. Some are very well known (hello, paleo) while others are slowly gaining traction (the 'blood type' diet.) One thing that most of them share in common is a lack of rigorous scientific research. This infographic pits seven popular diets against the expertise of a professional nutritionist.

In the infographic below, nutritionist Shereen Lehman puts seven trendy diets to the test in a bid to help people make educated decisions when choosing a diet that's right for them. Each diet was assessed based on ease, effectiveness and sustainability. It also provides an explainer for each fad and charts their popularity around the globe.

According to the nutritionist's vedict, the Mediterranean diet comes out on top, while the Alkaline diet is considered one of the most dodgy. Check out the full list of insights below.

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    I was introduced to the paleo diet several years ago.

    No one I talked to believed you have to follow the exact diet of people who died well over 10,000 years ago. Just don’t eat most things that come pre-packaged, and I lost quite a few kg.

    But yes, eating fresh food can be expensive.

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