3-Ingredient Happy Hour: Mr Bündchen's Ruin

Happy weekend, everyone, and welcome back to 3-Ingredient Happy Hour, the weekly drink column featuring super simple yet delicious libations. This week we're making our cocktail in honour of America's most polarising quarterback: Mr Tom Bündchen.

Photos by Claire Lower

I'll admit that I didn't pay much attention to football this year, so I'm not as up-to-date on my stats and facts, but I know these things about ol' Tom to be correct:

  1. He is a good quarterback.
  2. His $US200 ($250) cookbook was devoid of joy (and tomatoes).
  3. His wife made this.
  4. He has never eaten a strawberry.
  5. I really don't want him to win another Super Bowl.

Based on these truths, it only made sense to make a green cocktail (to support Philadelphia, no matter how begrudgingly), and that this green cocktail be strawberry flavoured. At first, this seemed like a fool's errand, as strawberries are clearly not green, but then I remembered the Haribo strawberry gummy bear which is - some what inexplicably - green.

Taking a cue from one A.A. Newton, I placed 91g of strawberry gummy bears in a jar with 200g of vodka, then placed the jar in a 60C bath for three hours. I then filtered the liqueur through some coffee filters, and marvelled at the beauty of the filtrate.

Once you've done that, you have two options: You can let the vodka come to room temperature, and then make the cocktail below, or you can pour it into tiny cups and make some very easy, very strong, two-ingredient jelly shots.

This is actually a scoop of the one, very large jelly shot I made in the jar.

I hate jelly, so I opted for the cocktail. Given the fact that we already used two ingredients to make our liqueur, we'll only be adding one more. To make Mr Bündchen's ruin, you will need:

  • 60mL green strawberry liqueur
  • Sparkling water (or ginger ale if you need something sweeter)

Grab a small glass with ice and pour in your liqueur, top with sparkling water to taste, stir to incorporate, and top with ice. Raise your glass to Philadelphia, eat some snacks, and repeat until New England is vanquished.


    Those hears, the Haribo ones are coloured with vast amounts of some pretty harsh artificial dyes. The green is made from a lot of E102 (tartrazine) and E133 is used for the blue.

    Not sure I would put one into my body in any form.

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