How To Save Money On Your Wedding [Infographic]

money saving wedding tips

It is estimated that the average Australian wedding costs somewhere in the region of $40,000. For many people, that's just way too much money. Thankfully, there's no reason why a modest budget has to result in a crappy looking wedding. Here are 16 simple ways to keep costs down without visibly cheapening your special day.

The infographic below comes via the Brentwood Wedding Blog. It provides a neat checklist of cost-cutting measures that could end up saving you thousands of dollars on your wedding. While some of these tips are obvious (such as avoiding Saturday or peak wedding seasons), others are rather inspired.

We particularly like the idea of building your own playlist instead of hiring a DJ and arranging flowers in plastic vases instead of glass. Hardly anyone will notice little cheats like this - which means it won't impact the look of your wedding. Check out the full list of suggestions below!

[Via Brentwood Wedding Blog]


    Or do what we did, just don't get married!
    Saved a lot of money!

    Save on the wedding - go to the Registry Office

    We worked out what we were prepared to compromise on and shopped around. Eg - reception place offered us discounts for bar v table service, table layouts that minimised re-setup for evening functions (we did a daytime which also dropped the price), and we didn't bother with fancy cars. We preferred to spend money on our honeymoon.

    Don't discount a winter wedding, it was amazing how many venues and suppliers were jumping over backwards and lowering their prices to lock us in. Prices were about 20-30% cheaper than in the spring/summer and let's be honest, no one wants to sweat in a suit!

    I think the biggest saving we made was to avoid using the "W" word when booking the reception. I'd estimate we saved about 20% by calling it a "party" rather than a "wedding".

    We also saved on the cake by getting a small "wedding" cake for the cutting ceremony, but having 4 other non-wedding cakes as well for the dessert.

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