Swift 4.1 Released With Additonal Features For Devs

Swift 4.1 Released With Additonal Features For Devs

With the recent release of a new beta of Xcode, Apple has also dropped the first release of Swift 4.1, adding some new tools and ehanncementas fro developers.

There’s a fairly comprehensive round up of the updates at Hacking With Swift but the big ticket items are improved support for some security protocols, enhancements to conditional conformance and better tools for transforming objects in a collection.

A new version fo Swift Playgrounds, the iPad app for creating Swift apps has also been released with the ability to subscribe to playgrounds created by third part developers.

Apple continues to invest in the Swift platform, and it’s becoming a favourite with educators. Playgrounds for controlling Sphero robots are popular and we can expect more people integrating their kit with this tool as it continues to be increase in popularity.

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