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You wanted: Golden Globe viewing tips, 10 shows you didn't know are coming to Netflix in 2018 and the money you need to save at every age. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. 10 Shows You Didn't Know Are Coming To Netflix In 2018
    Netflix's worldwide streaming dominance is wholly dependent on the strength of its original content. Fortunately for subscribers, a bunch of hot new shows are slated to appear next year. Here are ten compelling titles you might not have heard about - including one from Australia.
  2. Everything Your Google Home Can Do Is Now Listed On One Incredibly Useful Website
    If you picked up a Google Home over the holidays you may be wondering what it's good for besides checking the weather and playing music. Google's smart speakers may not boast as many third-party skills as Amazon's Alexa, but there's still a ton you can do.
  3. Why You Should Switch From Google Chrome To Firefox
    Ditch Chrome and switch to its longtime competitor, Mozilla Firefox. It's just as fast, if not faster, than Chrome, and integrates tools to boost your privacy online while making it easier to share and save everything you find on the web.
  4. Planhacker: How To Get Data-Free Music And Netflix On Your Phone
    After years of paltry data inclusions in our phone plans, we've all been conditioned to be weary of watching video on our phones. We turn off auto-play videos in Facebook and Instagram, and if we watching TV on our phones, we make sure we download it over WiFi before we leave the house.
  5. How To Watch The Golden Globes Live In Australia
    The initial response to Amazon Australia's launch a couple of weeks ago was mostly disappointment, with a hint of optimism. There weren't a lot of quality deals to be found, but video games and consoles were offered at really competitive prices that made a few people take notice.
  6. The Ten Best Free Apps On Android And iPhone
    The Lifehacker staff sifts through a ton of apps on a regular basis, but a few have stuck with us over the years. Some apps are simply nice to have, while others have become essential in our daily lives. From dealing with irate dragons to counting our mindfulness minutes, each app on this list has a special place in our hearts (and our homescreens). Best of all, they're completely free to download!
  7. Takeaway Truth: McDonald's Chicken Big Mac
    Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: McDonald's Chicken Big Mac.
  8. 57 Things To Ask Your Google Home
    Google Home is an artificially intelligent digital assistant that responds to your voice commands in a variety of ways. Nine months after its debut in the US, it is finally available to buy in Australia - complete with a dinky-di accent. If you've just set up your Google Home and aren't sure what to ask it, here are 57 commands and questions to get you started.
  9. The Biggest And Weirdest Online Porn Trends Of 2017
    Pornhub's 'Year In Review' is an absolute gold mine of data and statistics about what human beings search for when it comes to porn (and how they do it)! With around 81 million visitors every day of the year, Pornhub's database offers the most complete view of exactly what (or who) got people off in 2017.
  10. The Money You Need To Save At Each Age For Retirement
    How much to have saved by every age is a perennial personal finance question, right up there with how to create a budget and how to start investing. But like so many money decisions, there's no single, magic number that works for everyone.


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