HP Recalls 15 Laptop Models Over Battery Safety Problem

HP Recalls 15 Laptop Models Over Battery Safety Problem
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HP has recalled the batteries in over 50,000 notebook computers over concerns batteries in selected models can overheat and potentially catch fire. The recall affects computers in several different portable PC ranges. HP has provided a tool for assessing whether your computer is affected asn has instituted a replacement program that comes both user replaceable and internal batteries.

The affected systems came from HP’s Probook 640 G2, Probook 640 G3, ZBook, x360 310, Pavilion x360, ENVY m6 and 11 Notebook PC product families sold between December 2015 to December 2017. However, not every battery in the listed products is affected. HP has provided a utility for checking [Note: this is a link that downloads an executable for then testing tool] if your battery is affected.

There’s also a BIOS update that puts the battery into “Battery Safe Mode” to prevent it from operating in a dangerous way.

If you have a system that requires a new battery, HP will provide new batteries at no cost. Where the battery is internal and requires a technician, this will also be carried out at no cost.


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