Australia Vs England ODI Series 2018: How To Watch Live And Online

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Australia cleaned the floor with England in the Ashes Test series but now, it's all about the One Day International series. Can Australia continue to embarrass the English or will the mighty Poms bring the Aussies back to Earth?

If you're looking to tune in to catch the cricket while you're stuck at work or just want to stream online, we've got you covered. Here's how you can catch the One Day International series live, online and free.

What Is The Australia Vs England One Day International Series

The One Day International series or ODI is a limited overs cricket match. Unlike Test matches, which go for five days and feature two innings, giving them both two chances to bat, a 'one-dayer' only features one innings limited to 50 overs. The idea is to get the highest score possible in 50 overs without losing 10 wickets. Once you've set a score, the second team comes in and tries to chase that score down.

It's a little more exhilarating than a Test match and features a lot more big-hitting, clever bowling and pace, as opposed to tactical nuance.

The Gillette One Day International Series consists of five matches across Australia. The first ODI was won by England at the MCG.

When Is The Australia Vs England One Day International Series

The next match will take place at The Gabba in Brisbane on January 19.

Here’s that time in all capital cities:

  • Perth, WA: 11:20am
  • Darwin, NT: 12:50pm
  • Brisbane, QLD: 1:20pm
  • Adelaide, SA: 1:50pm
  • Sydney, NSW: 2:20pm
  • Canberra, ACT: 2:20pm
  • Melbourne, VIC: 2:20pm
  • Hobart, TAS: 2:20pm

The remaining three matches will take place at the SCG, Adelaide Oval and the newly-opened Optus Stadium in Western Australia. We'll have those times here, closer to the match.

How To Watch The Australia Vs England One Day International Series

Australians are no doubt familiar that summer cricket matches are the chief domain of Channel 9, who manage to show plenty of the game in between KFC ads. If you want to catch the game on free to air TV, then you will need to tune into Channel 9 or its HD equivalent. Unfortunately, 9Now does not allow you to stream the cricket through their dedicated app due to their broadcasting rights, so you'll have to find alternate means if you're away from a TV and want to stream.

You could also invest in a VPN and set it to a location in the UK that broadcasts the game. This should grant you access to a live streaming service originating in England - but I understand that it'd be grating for Aussie fans to listen to the Poms applaud their squad all afternoon. I haven't personally tested this theory out yet, but it appears that BT Sport have the rights to the games in the UK. Their online live streaming service is something you need to sign up for so I wouldn't recommend this option for anyone Down Under - though it does exist. Note that a VPN does cost money and can be a little difficult to fully understand, so head to our handy guide to work out which VPN works best for you. Outside of watching the cricket from the UK, a great VPN is a must-have these days anyway.

One of the easiest ways to watch is to sign up for a subscription to but this will set you back $29.99 a year – a pretty reasonable price if you've exhausted all your options - and it's great if you’re passionate about your fours and sixes because it gives you access to every Big Bash League T20 match over the summer aswell. If you sign up now, that's still a good two weeks of almost-nightly cricket action.

On the other hand, if a yearly pass isn’t your thing, then you can always grab a 24 hour pass for $5.99 but that seems exorbitant, considering streaming just five days will set you back the full cost of a year. The option is there though.

If you’re an Optus customer and are eligible for Optus sport, you’re covered for the entire summer of cricket already, you’ll just need to activate your subscription with

My last recommendation is to always keep one eye firmly planted on the Reddit cricket community. They have a fantastic wiki full of useful information and ways to stream for those trying to watch the Ashes outside of the usual sources posted above. There's a vibrant, global community on Reddit that tend to help each other out with these sorts of things so no matter where you're coming from, you should be able to find what you're after.


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