How To Deal With A Hangover [Infographic]

How To Deal With A Hangover [Infographic]
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If you’re feeling a little dusty this morning, then you’ve gone and got yourself a hangover, haven’t you? There’s no real way around it, you have to go through it – but here are a few tips that may help stave off the real punishing effects of getting a little overzealous on the party’s punchbowl.

Look, let me level with you. There’s no cure for a hangover. If you go hard, you’re definitely going to find yourself in a dizzying world of pain when you wake up. You have to go through it and sadly, it only gets worse as you get older. But this handy infographic, which comes via health and fitness gurus Greatist, takes you through the things you should be doing before getting on the drink, at the bar and the next day to adequately handle a hangover.

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Most people can attest to the fact that not having a bite to eat before heading out is a bad idea and most know to drown themselves in water or sports drinks when they get home, but what about sour pickle juice? Vinegar, salt and water helps replenish those electrolyte levels and get rehydrated. I usually reach for the Gatorade in the morning, but it seems I should be reaching for coconut water instead.

Oh and there’s that age old idea that you should go one-for-one, alcohol and water, all night which is a great tip – but actually putting it in to practice is a whole other thing.

Scientists have also not connected yoga and meditation with improving a hangover, so don’t feel bad for lazing around all day.

Check out the infographic below:

Image: Greatist



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