Fix Windows 7 Boot Problems After Patching For Spectre/Meltdown On Your AMD PC

Image: AMD

You're running Windows 7 on your AMD machine, heard about Meltdown/Spectre and did the right thing by updating your OS. And then your PC starts BSODing or worse, fails to boot at all. Fortunately, you don't have to reformat if you can access the recovery console or have your system rescue disc handy.

Depending on how you patched your system, either KB4056894 or KB4056897 is at fault.

If KB4056894 is giving you grief, follow the advice of Reddit user "zip369":

On startup, press F8 and select Repair Your Computer. From there, open a command prompt window. Check that the Windows drive is mapped by running dir d:

Run the command dism /image:d:\ /remove-package /packagename:Package_for_RollupFix~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~7601.24002.1.4 /norestart

It should say processing 1 of 1 and show a progress bar. If all goes well, it will say completed successfully and you can restart into Windows.

On the other hand, KB4056897 can be removed by using the method below, as described by user "WakeXT":

Had the same problem on a system with an AMD X2 4800+ when I installed KB4056897 (security-only update).

Repair disc command prompt with DISM /image:X:\ /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions (X being the drive letter assigned to your boot drive)

worked for me to get it booting again.

Hopefully, one of these will fix the issue. Worst case scenario, you have to reinstall, but that's probably what you were going to do anyway.

Problems with Windows 7 Quality Rollup (KB4056894) [Reddit, via gHacks]


    Easiest fix would have been to take the free upgrade to Windows 10.

      Came here to comment this. Seems i was beaten.

      Windows 10 did it also. Rescue disc wont load either. The only thing i got to load so far is an external linux drive. Need to figure out how to repair from there.

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