Find All The Mac And iOS Apps That Support Dark Mode

Dark Mode, a feature that replaces your usual black-on-white display with white-on-black, is easier on the eyes and makes you feel like you own bitcoin. The site Dark Mode List will show you all the macOS apps, iOS apps and websites that support the feature and tells you how to enable each one.

Photo by Vince Reinhart

On the Mac, that list includes Slack, Skype, and the macOS menu bar. On the web, there’s Gmail, Reddit and Twitter. On iOS, there’s Instapaper and Pocket, Kindle and iBooks, all the big Twitter apps and Overcast.

At our request, list creator Andrey Azimov added a suggestion button, so if you know a new app with Dark Mode, you can ask him to add it.

Dark Mode List [Andrey Azimov]