Dealhacker: Get Your Nan A Nokia 3310 For Half Price

Image: Nokia

Or one for yourself if you're in the market for a a bare-bones, 3G mobile that is definitely not a burner, officer.

Both Woolworth and Coles are offering the new generation Nokia 3310s for half price.

The most recent Coles catalogue states that their offer is $39.50 and will run until January 30. The only catches are that the handset will be Optus-locked and you won't be able to buy them online. You'll need to head into your local store.

Image: Coles

Alternatively, Woolworths are offering their Vodaphone 3310s for $39 and you can purchase them online. There doesn't seemed to be a set end date to their deal as yet.

Happy Snake-playing!

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    $40 too much

    I've been looking at one of these for a pub/camping phone (and to reduce my screentime). I've read somewhere that a 4G version will be announced at MWC next month. I might hold out for that just for the better coverage, or if these 3G ones come down to $20 I'll definitely grab one. Rude not to.

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