Chrome 64 Now Lets You Mute Entire Websites

Image: Jeremy Keith / Flickr

It's been a long road, but finally, the next major Chrome version, 64, will let you mute entire sites, rather than just tabs.

Right now, if you left-click on a tab, you'll see "Mute tab" listed as an option, just below "Pin tab". Rather than add site-muting as an additional choice, "Mute tab" will be renamed, as described in Chrome's Git log:

Change Mute Tab to Mute Site on the Window menu on Mac

Currently, the Window menu shows "Mute Tab", which used to match the tab dropdown's "Mute tab". However, the tab dropdown text has been changed to "Mute site" for site muting, so we want to change the Window menu text to "Mute Site" to match.

Interestingly, site/tab muting didn't work for internal Chrome pages (those that begin chrome://) — this has been rectified in version 64 also. At first, I couldn't recall any such tab being audibly offensive... or audible at all.

Then I saw this commit note, again, from Chrome's Git log:

We landed this with the intention of not allowing muting for any chrome:// URLs, but we've now changed our minds due to (unable to mute chrome://dino tab).

Dino? Not sure what that is? Just type chrome://dino (if you're using Chrome, of course) and it all make sense.

Git log [Chromium, via The Verge]


    How much time does someone really spend on a site having multiple tabs open where with each tab is playing unwanted music? A good feature but hardly how it's represented here... "It's been a long road, but finally.."

    Completely absurd, I could understand if it were an additional feature, but sometimes I have multiple Twitch streams up and only want the chats I'm not immediately in muted, now its all or nothing. Taking away control then calling it a feature is silly.. Leave tab muting, get rid of this. I highly doubt anyone will find this useful beyond what tab muting was capable of, but I'm sure many will find inconveniences.

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