The Best Sex Toys For Long-Distance Lovers

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Traditionally, sex is a contact sport, so what do you do to keep the intimacy alive when there’s physical distance between you and your beau? Thankfully, technology makes long distance feel a lot less, well, long.

Between the internet, mobile services and bluetooth, it’s never been easier to keep in touch, even when you’re miles apart. And now, you can use this same tech to really keep in touch.

Here are a few of our favourite long distance love accessories.

A Photo Speaks a Thousand Sexts

Choose from tons more lingerie sets here!

Pick up some sexy lingerie that makes you feel amazing, and next time you and your partner are sexting, send a few provocative pics too. You can choose how revealing the lingerie and photos are, keeping you in control, and your partner gets to build a sexy catalogue of pictures of you.

Raise their heart rate even more by promising to wear the outfit next time you see each other.

Personal recommendations: For the ladies, consider the Lovehoney Sheer Suspender Bodystocking - one size fits (and flatters) all, without revealing all. For guys, the LHM Wet Look and Sheer Mesh Boxer Shorts - it enhances your package in photos, while the sheer mesh leaves some skin exposed.

An Expert's Guide To Taking Nude Selfies

Taking selfies in the buff is usually a bad idea. Whether it's intended for a sexual partner, an art portfolio or your own rampant ego, there's a lot that can go wrong — just ask Jennifer Lawrence. But if you're determined to shoot photos of your own junk, you should at least make it look as presentable as possible. The following tips are guaranteed to make your naked bits shine.

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Snatch and Sniff

There’s no denying that one of the most powerful senses is our sense of smell, especially when it comes to sex. Fun fact: Our sense of smell is strongly linked with memory, more so than other senses. One whiff of a familiar aroma can transport us back in time or to another mindset (like a sexy one) in a snap.

When there’s distance between you, using smell is an amazing way to ignite feelings of passion.

So pick up some sexy undercrackers and wear them for a day, and send them in the post to your partner. Your natural scent is sure to send them wild!

Not ready for posting your pantaloons just yet? Start small and spritz them with a perfume or cologne you know your bae associates with you.

Personal recommendation: Lovehoney Unwrap Me Thong.

Check out more underwear options here!

Dick in a Box

Give them the real D(eal) by cloning a vibrating version of your schlong-a-long-a-ding-dong (official term) and sending it to them in the post.

Now when you enjoy phone sex or send kinky emails, you’ll know they’re enjoying YOU while they think of you.

Don’t have a penis? There are also Clone-A-Pussy kits, but these are more for a visual treat as they can’t be penetrated.

Food for thought: Package in a package = Inception package?

Personal recommendations: Clone-A-Pussy Female Moulding Kit and Clone-A-Willy.

A Guide To Using Waterproof Vibrators

If you want to get buzzy in the bathroom, you’re going to need a waterproof toy. Waterproof vibrators are specially sealed so that they can be fully immersed in a tub full of water, or taken into the shower to fulfil one of the most common sexy fantasies. You can enjoy super-slippery pleasure and orgasms in an exciting extra location, safe in the knowledge that your vibrator won’t break. Here are a few buying tips.

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F-App 101

Take advantage of the technological advancements in sex toys with an app-controlled sex toy.

They connect with each other anywhere in the world so there really ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’ etc.

Plus, there are a wide variety of app-controlled toys on the market now, with all sorts of brands and designs available for every body part you could ever want to tingle from a distance.

Personal recommendations: We-Vibe Rave USB Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Vibrator, We-Vibe Verge USB Rechargeable App Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring and Perineum Massager and We-Vibe Nova USB Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator.

The Best Lingerie And Toy Deals From Lovehoney's Online Sale

For a limited time, Lovehoney is having a sale across its entire range of lingerie and sex toy products. We've personally selected the best deals across every category, from the trusty vibrator to deluxe male masturbators. We've also hand-picked some of our sexiest costumes for the ladies. Prices start at just $15!

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Don’t purchase anything straight away. Instead, sign up for a Lovehoney Community Account and create a wishlist. You can make it private, and only viewable to people you share the link with.

Not only is it a great way to whet the sexual appetite and get an idea of what you’d both like to try next, but it makes it even easier to send surprise gifts in the post (and get it right!)


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