The Single Best Phone Plan From Every Australian Telco

The Single Best Phone Plan From Every Australian Telco
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Most people have a pretty strong opinion about their telco. Some love their provider and wouldn’t consider switching to a competitor, others hate certain telcos and will never do business with them again.

The problem with being rusted-on to a provider based on reputation is that you may never give thought to plan switching. You definitely should.

Even if you never play the field and test out the multitude of different provider options, you should always keep an eye on a better deal with your provider of choice.

So let’s take a look at the single best plan from all of the telcos we compare. You’ll find I lean towards the middle, there seems to be a sweet spot in each plan range that offers enough of the things you need before things get too expensive.

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Telstra’s Mx plan is about as close as Telstra comes to a high-value, no-frills plan option. Telstra has designed the plan with digital natives, with a focus on self-service and online account management. They don’t say it in so many words, but they’d prefer not to speak with you if you’re comfortable with the Mx plan. Which is fine by me; especially when the plan is such great value.


15GB for $40 is hard to argue with at this point in time, especially when the plan also includes data-free Netflix and music streaming, and an Optus Sport subscription. You do have to sign up for 12-months, but then the best plans tend to come with this catch nowadays.


In case you missed it, Vodafone now offer 35 day expiry on prepaid credit, which when you do the math works out to either or 10 or 11 recharges per year, depending on when you sign up. If 9GB of data isn’t enough, you might consider the Vodafone $50 Red SIM Only plan on a 12-month contract.

Virgin Mobile

This is hands-down the best value deal in town right now, but if you’re keen you have to be quick as the promo expires at the end of January. 20GB for $32 per month is great, plus you get international call credit, data-free music streaming and data rollover.


The beauty of Amaysim’s Unlimited plan range is that you’re are basically choosing the amount of data you need; pretty much everything else is the same. I find I need at least 10GB a month these days, but if your data usage is lower, you can save money with some of the other plan options.

The rest

Stand back folks: what follow is a master list of the best plans from all of the other providers we compare, as promised. First up we have no-contract SIM Only plan options:

Followed by a few great prepaid plans:

As you scan through the tables you can see what I mean about there being a sweet spot. Without exception the providers listed above have a cheaper plan with too little data and a more expensive plan with not enough data to justify the higher price. For the time being, plans with about 10GB seem to be on the money.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


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